Welcome to our Ecosystem. We at People Footwear are focused on creating a culture that is all about people (surprise, surprise!). Together, we can dream, and take the first step in making a better world. We believe in sustainability, inclusiveness, equality, and celebrating the differences that make US all unique. Our manufacturing has been established with the environment in mind -- We are proud to have a zero-waste production policy, a heavy focus on automation, shared resources, and are dedicated to keeping our product simple and cool.

For us, recycling isn’t just an action – it’s a lifestyle. The greener, the greater, right? Our shoes are totally recyclable, totally vegan, and totally stylish. Lightweight and durable, what more could you really ask for from your footwear? Your footprint just got a whole lot greener.

Reducing our carbon footprint, creating 100% non-toxic and animal-free footwear, and making shoes that look damn good is just the beginning. We believe in taking a Tread Lightly approach, but we also put our money where our mouth is. Not only are our line of shoes environmentally-conscious and responsibly produced, we also focus our efforts on bringing attention to sustainable and ethical business practice and animal rights. Our objective is to drive awareness and help causes that our close to our heart. Be the change, right? 

Sometimes a quality dupe is actually way better than the real thing. Have you tried the fit and feel of our “leather” sandals? Our DreamBuck sandals are super comfortable, super cool and will keep you on your feet all summer long. Even better, no cows were harmed in the making of this faux leather. Don’t want to show too much skin? Our DreamKnit sneakers offer seam-free comfort, are breathable and flexible, and 100% animal free -- making them a perfect walking shoe for even the hottest summer days.

Our shoes are made to last. And once you’re ready for a new pair, we’re working on a shoe disposal program to keep the end of your footwear cycle sustainable too. Our brand is built on a culture of reducing, repurposing, recycling, and reusing. Trust us, you’ll want to walk many miles in our shoes.

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