woman in white shoes on sky background

For the people.

Born from a passion to make the most comfortable, innovative, animal-free footwear on the planet. We are rooted in purpose, existing to support your walk in this world, through transparency and intention.

Our Promise

Style + Meaning: We unite iconic styles with design innovation, technology and ethical manufacturing practices to create the most lightweight, comfortable and stylish footwear for everyday wear that is better for the planet.

Handmade Persistence

Every pair starts with a handmade mold designed with your comfort in mind, developed through constant adjustments towards perfect design. 

Feel-Good Experience 

Classic shoes, innovative design, and fashionable comfort; we bring a classic feel-good experience to every pair of feet. 

Sustainable Comfort

Every pair is designed to be lightweight and breathable, with intelligence technology that reduces waste or harm to the environment.

DreamCycling™ Culture

We put our planet and people first, reducing our footprint through waste and scrap-free production, recycling and always 100% vegan.

Our History

Step by step, season by season, we’ve systematically expanded our product offerings and segmentation. Here are some of our most notable milestones.

People Footwear was born from a passion for developing the most comfortable, innovative, animal-free footwear on the planet. We have been gone for a while, but now we’re back! The reason for the hiatus? We were not satisfied with our previous manufacturing and design practices. We believe in being purposeful from the very start but were not yet able to fully “walk-the-walk”.

In the crowded and sometimes messy world of footwear, most brands do it the easy way which isn’t always the right way. We decided we could simplify our processes which are better for our planet, and your feet. So, we’re back. Call it what you will, but we are here to transform the industry and your perception of what happens when style meets comfort.

  • 2020: Brand Transformation Break
  • 2021: Brand relaunch with brand new concept and product line
  • 2022: Introduce innovative DreamShot™ No-Seam Multi-density Technology
  • 2023: Introduce innovative DreamMesh™ & DreamKnit™ sustainable materials