Behind the sole

Behind the sole

We’ve got sole, baby. Our shoes are designed for life and leisure – we’ve put our focus on iconic styles but made them even better. We’re obsessed with comfort. No, seriously. We pride ourselves on designing shoes that are lightweight and durable, and will be a perfect fit every time. Want to know our secret? The key to comfort is all in the sole.

Our Skylite line of shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, literally. Tired of walking on clouds all day? Take these shoes for a swim. Leave your socks on the shore, this Skylite design is not only water-friendly but also odour proof. Fitted with a soft and flexible sole, and made out of injection foam, the cushion on the Skylite original is truly boundless.

You know that saying “two is better than one?” Well, that totally holds true for our Skylite DUO dual-density foam footwear. Get yourself on better footing with a shoe focused on increased durability and stability.

Three is definitely not a crowd with Skylite Trio triple co-molded foam and multi-core density soles. With up to 3 zones of comfort and durability, this style was made to last. Comprised of 7-15% recycled content, these soles were designed to explore cities on foot. We’ve managed to merge ethical manufacturing, timeless style, and lightweight comfort to create a shoe that is almost completely free of any production waste. These soles really do go the extra mile, and now you can too.

The Skylite GRIP focuses on slip-resistant foam technology. Stay grounded and don’t worry about losing your footing with this functional and stylish design. Whether you’re running, hiking, or just strolling, this design is perfect to keep you on your feet all day. These slip-resistant soles definitely won’t let you down. 

Made to make you look and feel great both inside and out. Comfort, style, and sustainability is at the forefront of everything we make – it’s why we do what we do. Select a sole that fits your lifestyle -- Whether that’s exploring your city, having afternoons of adventures, or just chilling, we’ve got your sole selection covered.  

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