Day Out With People

The Land Down Under

Meet Chanel and Kenny, a pretty sweet couple based out of Whistler, British Columbia inspired by travel and seeking adventure around the world. These two are serious #CoupleGoals, and these photographs from their recent trip is evident of how adventurous they really are. In this #DayOutWithPeople, Chanel and Kenny take us down under to their recent road trip through Australia and New Zealand. What inspires this awesome twosome to continue to seek new adventure? To motivate people to get outside and push the boundaries of what’s deemed a “normal life”. While life out of a backpack isn’t always easy, living life to the fullest makes it worth it.

Find out what they get up to on a #DayOutWithPeople below.

Chanel wears #TheCypress paired with her adorable pink socks, a perfect fit for climbing in and out of her adventure van.

Ready for walking or running to your next adventure in #TheWaldo and #TheWaldoKnit. Don’t let your feet get sore while travelling the globe.

Because it actually does get cold in the winter in New Zealand and Australia, don’t leave #TheJasper behind. Those winter camping cookouts just got better.

Thanks for bringing us along on your fun adventure abroad, Chanel and Kenny!

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