Day Out With People

A Warm Fall Morning

Meet Lauren & Shelin, two sisters (Lauren Jane & Chelsea Shelin) who happen to be friends and spend a lot of time raising their kids and drinking lattes together. They are not afraid to show their imperfections, struggles, and lowlights, but also love celebrating the small victories of mom life. They each have two kids, are both teachers, but have completely different hobbies. Lauren loves playing/watching sports while Chelsea loves crafting/entertaining. Their kids keep them tired, grounded, and so happy. Find out what they do on a #DayOutWithPeople below…


These pictures sum up most of their days. Lauren and Shelin try and take the kids outside every day, if they can because the kids can get swirly being inside.

The kids are all wearing #TheAce with the boys in Paddington Blue/Picket White and Kinsley in the Yeti White/Picket White. Choosing a neutral colour allows the children to wear these every day with a wide variety of outfits. They have worn them as slip-on shoes in the summer and pair them with socks in the fall.

Lauren and Shelin are wearing #ThePhilips in Pillow Pink and Skyline Grey, both paired with Picket White. The laces fit perfectly with the shoe and you feel like you are walking on clouds when you wear them.

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