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Interview with Woodlot

Upon entering Woodlot studios you are immediately struck by two things; one, the amazing aroma all around you, and two, a vibrant work space alive with the dynamic energy of busy individuals. The scent in the air radiates from the candles, Fouad, (one half of Woodlot) is currently hand pouring as Sonia (the other half of Woodlot) gracefully rushes around the studio multi tasking. Amongst the activity, Danica, Woodlot’s production assistant, hand labels candles as light pours through their south facing studio.

Where is the name Woodlot from?
We stayed in a yurt on a woodlot in Ontario. The literal meaning of a woodlot is a piece of forest that can be minded for secondary resources, which is a bit of an oxymoron when you’re living in Vancouver. But we consider our home, city included to be our woodlot. Lots of cool things coming from people’s home + creative spaces here.

How did you get into your trade?
Sonia: Fouad and I have been brought up with the belief, if you can buy it, you can make it. Our relationship started off long–distance and we were spending a lot of time visiting each other in different cities. He taught me how to make soap (cue in Ghost or Fight Club jokes) and we started to spend some more time making bath + body products for personal use + friends. A lot of our recipes are shared from our mothers and we focus on keeping them as simple and relevant as possible.

How do you approach the creative process of your work?
Fouad: I find the creative process one of those things you can’t really force or get ready for. There are times in the day where I’m creative, and there are times in the day where I’m not. Keeping an open mind and allowing things to flow naturally helps me as well.

When do you find you are most productive?
When you’re wearing a lot of hats plus working on the business together, a good chunk of the day can feel productive or not. We find that taking care of our selves helps to keep us in productive modes for longer.

Where do you meet the most like minded people?
Community events, breweries and social networks.

Do you have any retailers in Vancouver?
One of a Few, Le Marche St. George, Vincent Park, Charlie & Lee, Studio126, Walrus, The Found & The Freed, and Stepback.

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