Day Out With People

Pineapple Easter Eggs

People, we have a sweet Easter DIY for you… turn a couple everyday eggs into miniature pineapples and spread some springtime joy. You’ll need hardboiled or hallowed out eggs, yellow paint, a paint brush, green card stock, some scissors and some glue (we used spray glue). To start paint all your eggs yellow and while the paint dries cut out your pineapple leaves from the green card stock, cut various sizes, so when you glue them on to the top of the eggs, there’ll be some depth. Starting with your tallest leaves bend over a quarter of the bottom of the leaf creating a small tab and coat it in glue. Hold down the leaf to the top of the egg until the glue has dried and then proceed to add about 6 leaves per egg around the top of your egg in a circular fashion. And there you have mini pineapple eggs just in time for Easter.

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